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Replace Internet searches with instant human conversations. Ovvio is a platform where you can ask a question and instantly connect with available users via audio, video or chat in a free or paid interaction.

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Humans, not algorithms.

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Profiles match in milliseconds.

Who is it for?

Givers are users ready to share and monetise their experience and skills with instant conversations. Givers are experienced in a variety of areas including, travel, fashion, occult sciences, or 100s more categories available on Ovvio. Create your Giver profile and share your wisdom today.


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Seekers are users looking to save time and money with quick, personalised answers to help solve everyday problems. Are you looking for information, advice, or a second opinion? Simply ask your question and get matched to available and experienced Givers, instantly.




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Our story
Transform the way humans exchange knowledge

We are challenged today by the multiple sources of data & information that exist across the web and social media.

A search on the Internet can give you a long list of reasons on how to fix a leaky tap when you are challenged late at night. What if you could instead have instant access to someone who can guide you through this until you can arrange for a visit by a plumber?

We are on a mission to save time by democratising wisdom sharing. We share our knowledge and wisdom accumulated over time, with family and friends every day. Ovvio wants to extend the reach of that knowledge across the globe. A second opinion, a validation or an unbiased suggestion can help us make better decisions.