About us

Find solutions to everyday problems via personalised one-to-one interactions. Ovvio is the place for honest human conversations and instant connections with the privacy you need.

How was Ovvio born?

Ovvio was born with a question between the founders: “Which phone should I buy, an iPhone or an Android?” This question led to more questions about pricing, reliability, brand and availability. We realised that as humans, we had several such questions every day. To answer that question, we needed wisdom and experience more than just data and information. We needed the human element.

There are 8+ billion people worldwide, which means there’s a lot of knowledge to share, and we just needed a platform that enables that. So, we embarked on finding a solution to connect to other humans, ask questions, and get personalised information quickly.

Why do we believe in Ovvio?

Everyone has a unique perspective based on their individual experiences. The same question asked by different people can have different answers, based on their context and the problem they wish to solve. On Ovvio, no two conversations will ever be identical; because we know that no one solution fits all.

The Internet today gives you solutions that already exist. To expand that finite scope, you need humans.

Ethos for Givers & Seekers

On Ovvio everyone is sharing a part of themselves, either by looking for advice as a Seeker or sharing knowledge as a Giver.

Human connections are built on trust and we believe everyone has something to offer.

As long as you believe in your abilities to share or seek advice, Ovvio is for you.

Our team
Who is behind Ovvio?

The team behind Ovvio is a band of technology enthusiastic brothers and a diverse group of passionate innovators from around the globe, bringing their unique talents to help build human connections, effortlessly and quickly.


We are always looking for new talent to join the team and become a part of our journey. If you are curious, creative and believe in our vision to build human connections in a digital world, then we would love to know more about you.

Come join us!

Send us a message if you’re interested in working for Ovvio! If you are simply looking to be a Giver on our platform, you do not need to send us your CV! Just sign up and build your Giver profile!